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Agnes of God-Rehearsal

Posted by Mary Randolph on March 9, 2011 at 12:51 PM

Last night we finished blocking Act I of AoG. Whew! I 'm sure there will be changes, as we continue this journey. I find it very important to allow my actors the opportunity to have input into this process.  If something feels natural, I like them to explore the moment. Of course, I need to have the final say, and sometimes theatricality and practicality need to win out over "what feels good," but I think it's important to allow them to experiment.  Yes, this can make the rehearsal process go a little more slowly. That's why I built more time into the rehearsal schedule for this show.  But, I feel it's crucial to have actor input, especially with a show as organic as AoG. When I played Agnes, I remember Raymond not blocking the show until really late in the rehearsal process.  The production was in the Theater Downstairsof the Pittsburgh Playhouse, with 3/4 seating.  This allowed us more flexibility in our choices.  On the proscenium stage of the Baverso Theater, our choices are more limited, and since the play is so mercurial, some of my choices have to be made almost exclusively on theatricality. I know this can be a little frustrating for my actors.  Been there.

I hope we have great audiences for this production.  I have 3 strong, talented actresses that are really pouring their hearts into their performances. Each of them are coming from completely dfferent places in their lives. It's really exciting to see how they're bringing their uniqueness to each role.  As an  actress myself, it's a pleasure to celebrate how these performers are interpreting the characters. As a director, it's a challenge to allow them their uniqueness, while guiding them in the vision I have for the play.  I have to say, this has really been a great adventure so far!

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