Actors Civic Theater

Quality theater in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

March 2009 The Melville Boys by Norman Foster

 Directed by James Critchfield

Mercedes Parr                                                 

Stage Manager



Bill Crean:                                                        Lee

Shawn A. Smith:                                                Owen

Megan Elizabeth May Mitchell:                             Loretta

Mary Chess Randolph:                                        Mary











May 2009 Seussical the Musical

Directed by Shawn A. Smith 

Kari Kleemook:                                                                        Choreographer

Dan Guillaro:                                                                          

Music Director

Corey Nulton:                                                                         

Stage Manager

Kirk Howe:                                                                              Lighting Designer




Gretchen Bluemle                                                                   

Cat in the Hat


Katie Ferguson                                                                      

Jo Jo (Whoville)


James Critchfield                                                                  



Lauren McCaffery                                                                    Gertrude


Kauleen Cloutier                                                                      Mayzie La Bird


Mary Blocher                                                                         

Sour Kangaroo


Eric Barvinchak                                                                       Wickersham #1


Jeff Burgess                                                                            Wickersham #2           

Will Anderson                                                                                                  Wickersham #3


Robert Zlotnik                                                                         

Mr. Mayor (Whoville)


Jezebele DelPercio                                                                 

Mrs. Mayor (Whoville)


Will Anderson                                                                         

Yurtle, The Turtle


Sarah Smith                                                                            

Bird Girl #1


Cheryl Bates                                                                          

Bird Girl #2


Wende Burgess                                                                      Jungle Ensemble


Erica Harding                                                                          Jungle Ensemble


Katelyn Nee                                                                          

Jungle Ensemble


Mercedes Parr                                                                        Jungle Ensemble


Catherine Schulz                                                                    Jungle Ensemble


Genevieve Cook                                                                     

Who Ensemble


Jillian Ferguson                                                                     

Who Ensemble


Hayley Kocyan                                                                      

Who Ensemble


Tavia Moore                                                                            

Who Ensemble


Loriel Parr                                                                              

Who Ensemble


Kaitlyn Scott                                                                          

Who Ensemble


Alexis Tetrick                                                                          

Who Ensemble


Morgan Ward                                                                          

Who Ensemble

ACT @ Pittsburgh New Works Festival

2009 ~ Staged Readings

No Flash Bright Enough

Written by James Sievert

Directed by Mary Chess Randolph

Baverso Theater in the Father Ryan Arts Center

August 23 @ 7:00 PM

December 2009 A Christmas Carol ~ A Ghost Story

Directed by Lora Oxenreiter

Cathy Gialloreto                                                                

Stage Manager


Erica Harding                                                                   

Asst. Stage Manager


Matthew Shafer                                                                

Lighting Designer


David Vinski                                                                    

Period Dance Choreographer


Shaun Rolly                                                                      Movement Coach



James Critchfield *                                                        

Ebenezer Scrooge


Joshua Antoon                                                             

Narrator / Fred / Present


Bill Crean                                                                      

Bob Cratchit


Mary Chess Randolph                                                   

Mrs. Cratchit


Mark Spondike                                                           

William / Party Guest


Norm Walsh                                                                

Henry / Party Guest


Jack Goodstein                                                           

Jacob Marley / Old Joe


Lauren McCaffrey                                                        

Past / Isabelle, Mrs. Dilber


Dominic Toppetta                           

Ebenezer1 / Matthew Cratchit / Ignorance / Boy


Cory Nulton                                    

Ebenezer 3 / Topper / Undertaker’s Man


Darin Carlini                                   

Ebenezer 2 / Dick Wilkins / Peter Cratchit / Guest


Laura Ferguson                              

Mrs. Fezzywig / Charwoman / Party Guest


Sara Fisher                                    

Martha Cratchit / Fan 2 / Party Guest


Jillian Ferguson                                

Mary Cratchit / Fan 1


Hayley Kocyan                               

Belinda Cratchit / Apparition


Ashley Kocyan                               

Tiny Tim Cratchit


Cathy Schulz                                  

Fred’s Wife / Apparition


Leo Stankus                                    

Mr. Fezziwig /Yet to Come / Butcher


Noelle Lynn Rosko                           

Apparition / Guest


Hannah Cook                                   

Apparition / Guest


Genevieve Cook                              

Apparition / Guest / Flower Girl


Gabrielle Romano-Toppetta              

Child / Want / Guest


Samantha Rosko                             

Child / Apparition / Guest

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