Actors Civic Theater

Quality theater in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

ACT @ Pittsburgh New Works Festival

2010 ~ Staged Readings

To Missouri

Written by Bruce Post

Directed by Vince Ventura

Baverso Theater in the Father Ryan Arts Center

August 29 @ 7:00 PM

December 2010 A Year with Frog and Toad

Directed by James Critchfield

Kirk Howe  Music Director

Kirk Howe  Lighting/Sound Designer

Sandy Wolf  Costumes

Matthew Critchfield  Graphics


Jim Kikta                                                                           Frog

AndyColeman                                                                   Toad

Mary Randolph                                                                  Bird#1 /Turtle

Leah Stefanelli                                                                  Bird #2/Mouse

Brett Kenna                                                                      Bird#3/ Snail

May 2010 Our Town by Thornton Wilder

 Directed by Mary Chess Randolph

Sara Baines Miller:    Stage Manager

Kirk Howe:                Lights


February 2010 Willy Wonka

 Directed by Mary Chess Randolph


Krista Bartman:             Stage Manager


MaryChess Randolph:    Music Director/Sound Design

Lorraine Mzanski:          Choreographer


Kirk Howe :                   Lighting Designer

Matthew Critchfield:        Animations and Graphics


Rob Frankenberry:    Willy Wonka

Brian Brazon:           Charlie Bucket

James Critchfield *:   Grandpa Joe

Jim Kikta:                 Mr. Bucket

Laura Ferguson:        Mrs Bucket

Norm Wash:             Grandpa George / Mr. Salt

Sandy WolfL             Grandma Josephina

Phyllis Aluise:           Grandma Georgina

Robyn Peterson:        Frau Gloop

Cathy Schulz:           Mrs. Beauregard

Lorraine Mzanski:     Ms. TeaVee

Dominic Toppetta:    Augustus Gloop

Erica Harding:          Violet Beauregard

Leah Stefanelli:         Veruca Salt

Alex Hartman:          Mike TeaVee

Emma Felser:          Jaime / Oompa Loompa

Jillian Ferguson:      Matilda / Oompa Loompa

Bailey Barrett:         Ensemble / Oompa Loompa

Alyssa Brinza:         Ensemble / Oompa Loompa

Hannah Cook:          Ensemble

Genevieve Cook:      Ensemble

Noelle Rosko:          Ensemble

Sammi Rosko:         Ensemble / Oompa Loompa

Gabrielle Toppetta:   Ensemble / Oompa Loompa

Morgan Ward:          Ensemble

Lillian Zawojski:        Ensemble




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